RBN Energy GIS Services


RBN’s Midstream Infrastructure Database Interface (MIDI) is an online mapping database of future energy projects. The Project Database includes U.S. crude oil, NGL and natural gas pipeline projects that are under development or have been placed into 365手机登录网页 recently. MIDI is updated by closely monitoring each project via government agencies, press releases, investor presentations, industry contacts and web research.

Map Store

Collection of prebuilt digital and physical wall maps covering the most dynamic landscapes in the oil and gas industry. These maps include details such as Name, Operator and Capacity for Pipelines, Refineries, Terminals and more. 

Custom GIS Services

Custom GIS data development, spatial analysis, and presentation quality map creation for internal analysis, 365手机登录网页 of strategic 365手机登录网页 development opportunities, and enterprise-wide collaboration.